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Exponential Experiment

This website is a social media experiment that is controlled by the membership. The goal is to learn how many members can be signed up in what time frame to a website that is an alternative to Facebook. We are not going to advertise or promote this website, as the entire exercise is to learn if a member driven site such as this can grow exponentially. You can read our website in your native language by selecting it in the bottom right corner of any page.

The website is roughly the same as is Facebook, but without the negative features such as tracking you and selling that data, or selling advertising space on your pages. We do not track; period. If enough members want to see other features, they will be added if feasible. 

If every new member brings in 2 new members within one day of their becoming a member, at the end of 30 days we would have over 4 billion members. But, it's not a perfect world, so our target will be 100 million members. Mind you, it is up to the members as to how many we eventually get. The members may decide to try to surpass Facebook, and make the site known through Twitter, Instagram accounts and other media.  The whole idea of this experiment is to see if, as a group, the members can drive this.  You can also download and install (on your cell phone and your computer) Signal, which is the exact same open source software as WhatsApp, but cannot track your message recipients.  Full encryption is a given.

Any member who engages in racism, false narrative, unacceptable language, political or religious propaganda, or anti-social messages will be permanently blocked. Treat every other member the way you want them to treat you, and let's avoid any commentary involving politics or religion.

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